Bingo Goes To Church

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Gambling and religion don't often go hand in hand - but every rule has an exception, and in this case, it's bingo. Not only has the game traditionally been played in church halls, it's also often been used to raise money for charitable causes and support the church's work. It's easy to see the appeal; since most churches already have a large communal space, all that's needed equipment-wise are the cards, the dabbers and, of course, the bingo balls themselves. The prizes could be as lavish or modest as the congregation chose, and you'd often find refreshments and snacks sold throughout the event to raise even more funds.

Although we can't offer you a cool glass of homemade lemonade with your online bingo, that sense of community and the thrill of winning remains exactly the same. No matter where it's played, bingo naturally pulls together and warm and welcoming group of people, ready to try their luck, celebrate their winnings and congratulate their friends whenever they win instead. To these loyal players, it doesn't matter if they're with their church friends or people they maybe only know through online bingo - the social aspect is still every bit as important as the game itself.

In fact, the gradual movement from church bingo to online bingo has opened up the game for many people who might have struggled to attend a physical game, whether that's through ill health, location or lack of transportation. Many internet bingo sites also continue to honour the charitable origins of the bingo as well as fostering the community spirit of the game. For example, 888 sites run frequent charity weekends and promotions, raising funds for important causes like Breast Cancer Care.

Those who choose not to venture out to the local church or bingo hall can now talk to people in lively chat rooms using their computer, tablet, or even their smart phone. Trying it online means that first-time players can practice without feeling nervous, and seek help from more experienced gamers on the site. It also gives them the chance to try different versions of the game, including 90 ball, 75 ball, and Keno. Many find online bingo to be more inclusive as there are no opening hours or weekly games, giving players the chance to connect with fellow fun-seekers whether they're in the next town or another country.

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