How To Play Bingo

Playing bingo couldn't be easier - especially here at 888Bingo! It's fast-paced, it's exciting, and it always comes complete with great company and great prizes. To help you brush up your bingo skills, we've put together a handy guide to the game.

Bingo is a game with a rich history and a bright future - and its origins go back further than you might think. The game can be traced all the way back to a 16th century Italian lottery, which then spread to France, across Europe and all the way to America! Since then, bingo has developed its own unique style with the rise of social gaming, charitable bingo and even some cheeky secret sessions.

It hasn't always been as easy to play bingo as it is today! In 19th century London, plucky players flouted anti-gambling laws in order to socialise and play random number games. In the USA, early country fairs played using beans to mark their squares - no dabbers back in those days! Some say that the term 'bingo' derives from the winner's cry of 'beano!' But every story has one thing in common: groups gathering to play, chat and have fun. At 888Bingo, that's what it's all about.

There's an estimated 100 million bingo players around the world, and we want to connect as many of you as possible. While live bingo halls are hushed during a game, our automated online process means you never miss a win, so you're free to chat and socialise during any and all of our bingo games.

We also make it easy to join the fun. Signing up with 888bingo comes with no obligation - there's no need to make a deposit before exploring all of our games, and there are even free bingo games to try. If you do make a deposit, our sign up bonuses are there to make it all worthwhile, and we'll keep rewarding you for as long as you play with us!

Once you're in, you'll see two main game types: 90-ball and 75-ball bingo. 90-ball is the British staple found across the country, while 75-ball is preferred in the USA. Both involve ticking numbers off of your card; it's only the card layout that is different and, of course, the number of balls in play. In 90-ball bingo, you need to mark off all the numbers across one horizontal line to win, and the jackpot increases if you can mark off two lines or even all three lines on one ticket. In 75-ball, which is a bit more complicated but arguably more creative, you have to adapt to marking off numbers to complete any chosen pattern, set before the start of the game. Why not try both, and see which you prefer? We've even got articles on both 90-ball and 75-ball bingo, so you can read all about them before you play.

Specialist games may adopt extra themes and prizes to spice up your experience, but whichever game you choose, you'll find the premise is the same and the friendly atmosphere is always there. Only the prizes and the size of the jackpot vary.

888bingo also has a featured games section, where you'll find slots and scratch cards to sample in between bingo games. Don't forget to join our loyalty programme, which rewards pillars of the community with cashback, deposit bonuses and free games.

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