90 Ball Bingo
This is the British Bingo game that has swept the world! To play, watch as the numbers that are called at random are matched with those on your ticket. Hit a full line of numbers to win a prize. There are 3 lines on each ticket, hit all 3 lines to make a "Full House" and get the biggest prize of all!
75 Ball Bingo
The Americans came up with their own great fun way to play called 75 Ball Bingo. It's easy to win just match your numbers in a pre-arranged pattern. You'll have a wonderful time and win loads of fabulous prizes doing things the American way.
High 5 Bingo
There are 5 ways to win with High 5 Bingo. Hit a row of 5 numbers diagonally, across or from top to bottom to win. The more lines you make the bigger and better the prizes.