90-Ball, 75-Ball or High 5?

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Bingo: it's a beloved game all around the world, but everyone's got their own special way of playing it. We don't just mean your good luck rituals or the strategy you use for working across the card, either - as the game's popularity has grown, each country seems to have invented their own new rules and structures! Let's start with the best-known versions: 90-ball bingo, and 75-ball bingo.

90-ball bingo is the classic game that most of us would recognise in the UK, while 75-ball is a variety closely associated with the US. If you're playing 90-ball bingo, your scorecard will be a grid with three rows and nine columns. On each row, there'll be five numbers and four blank spaces. The game is divided into three stages: to win the first round, you'll need to be the first player to mark off a complete line of numbers. For the second round, it's two lines. Finally, if all 15 of the numbers on your card have been called, you've got a full house and it's time to shout 'Bingo!' If you're only playing for the full house, this can also be known as a 'coverall' game

In 75-ball bingo, your scorecard will have five rows and five columns with the middle square left blank. Instead of lines, a winning pattern will be chosen at the beginning of the game - you may have to mark off numbers in the shape of a diamond, a cross, or a house speciality. Those who enjoy a faster game tend to prefer this version to 90-ball.

Another original take on the game comes from Swedish or 'High 5' bingo. Played with 75 balls, you can win by marking off your numbers diagonally, horizontally or vertically, with the prizes climbing as you complete the lines.

At 888Bingo we've got all three varieties, plus our super-speedy Six Card Bingo game. The 90 balls are fired into play by the random generator at lightning speed - the faster one of your six cards is filled, the more you win!

Of course, there are endless ways to play bingo, and people never stop coming up with new ideas! You'll find countless bingo varieties around, like the ominously named Death Bingo, which reverses the rules by eliminating players who fill their scorecards until one winner remains. Join in the fun at 888Bingo and see which one is the game for you!

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